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It’s late

I’m not asleep .. I should be … It’s almost 3 am . Um .. This weekend was nice .. Ended on a great note in my opinion .. Learned some new things about someone .. Except for the one thing I really wanted to know smh lol but uh , yeah .. Hopefully I get sleepy soon

Done with the sex for a minute … Tired of asking him for it & not getting it when I want it . Feel like he fucking someone else & that’s not what good cut buddies do . Shit annoyed me.. Blah


Today was pretty good … He came over after work , 6 AM. We sat around watching YouTube NFL touchdown dances lol then he was “free styling” .. We fooled around , no sex & then went to bed lol at 7 am .. His ass slept all day till I woke him up with some pancakes & eggs .. Asked him to take me to class in my car , I have not let anyone have my car all by themselves lol what tf wrong with me ??? But blah .. Not blowing this up .. It was a good day . He’s a good friend .. & I like this nonchalant friendship we got going on lol night night .. Oh & I got a 76 on my midterm .. *sigh least I didn’t fail it !


I need to talk to a pro about my feelings when it comes to being gay & dealing with my anger when people say ignorant things about gay people & being gay in general .. I can get upset really fast ..

Glad I’m back to bein a one man woman lol he’s my “dirty little secret” .. I told him me & his peen are secret lovers until I find someone lol & vice versa but we have to warn each other if we find someone to take serious .. So we can have fallbacks lol since we’re only fucking each other .. I love this cuz there are literally no feelings .. Perfect & its been going on for a little minute lol just sex 😌😌😌 I might be an addict lol πŸ™Š

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